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SP Era, TG
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ERA, group of companies

Production of products from polypropylene, polystyrene (bottles, boxes, buckets...).
Production of a gofrolist, gofroyashchik of any complexity and surface.
The press on cardboard and polystyrene packing, drawing a logo on a gofrotara.

For today packing plays an important role in life of modern society. And its main task - to sell goods. Packing gives us all information on the product which is in it.

Thanks to packing it is easy to move goods. It keeps goods in integrity for long term, protects from damages, contains data on periods of storage and structure of production. Therefore it is very important that people knew real advantage of packing.

Packing from polypropylene, polystyrene is modern and a universalnoyeresheniye for storage of products of a various sort.
- storage of technical and drinking water;
- storage of food (alcoholic beverage, nonalcoholic and lactic production...);
- storage of food (vegetable oils, honey, treacle, food concentrates and other).

Packing of cans and buckets with a control seal.

Packing conforms to sanitary and hygienic requirements of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.


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